Types of Massage

Vista Therapeutic Specialties offers a wide range of massage types. We customize each visit to your preference. Below are some of the typs or styles of massage available to you.

Relaxation Massage

A soothing and nurturing blend of lighter swedish and integrative styles. Designed to produce a feeling of wellbeing without a specific focus.

Swedish Massage

An excellent style for relaxation and comfort. A full body massage that feels smooth and nurturing. Optimizes circulation and increases the health of the immune system.

Deep Tissue

Specific deep focus on areas of pain and contraction that are involved in injury and pain with deep pressure, compression and long massage strokes.

Myofascial Release

A gentle yet deep modality that releases adhesion and constriction of connective tissues.


Trigger points are compressed to release long standing areas of restriction and pain.


Deep circulatory massage with an emphasis on joint mobility, tendons and ligaments.


OrthoBionomy is a position based therapy based on osteopathic principles.  The main goal is to find a position of comfort that allows your body to release on deep levels.  Please wear comfortable clothes that move easily for this session.

CORE Myofascial

This specialized technique for a full body session is designed to restore pliability to the address the fascia, your connective tissue, and realign the body. Gentle but firm pressure will help unwind the deep connective tissue layers. At the end of the session your body will feel longer, lighter and aligned. It is performed with the client in comfortable gym shorts and for the ladies a tube top that is provided.


A gentle and nurturing energy modality that is balancing and deeply restorative.


Pure essential oils used topically to enhance any modality.


A blend of styles that addresses pain, discomfort and restriction by combining compressions and deep specific work with relaxation techniques.

Pregnancy Massage

A blend of swedish, deep tissue and integrative techniques to decrease discomfort and optimize relaxation in all the stages of pregnancy.