Your massage in custom tailored to your needs and preferences. We typically work with an integrative approach that focuses on your areas of concern.

We offer styles for relaxation, pain management, injury recovery and muscle tension and soreness. See massage types for a description of modalities we offer.

Massage Session

Our massage sessions are custom tailored to your preferences. See Massage Types for what is available for you.

30 minute $50
60 minute $75
90 minute $110
120 minute $140

One CORE Myofascial Massage

This specialized technique for a full body session is designed to restore pliability to the connective tissue and realign the body. See our Massage Types for more information.

120 minute CORE $160


To help you save money and make massage a more regular part of your life we are happy to offer series of massages. Please feel free to share with your family and friends.

5x 30 Minute Massages $230
5x 60 Minute Massages $345
5x 90 Minute Massages $495
10x 60 Minute Massages $650
10x 90 Minute Massages $950
2x 2-hour CORE Massages $300