We believe in the possibility for increased wellness and vitality, comfort and peace that massage therapy can provide.

Our therapists bring their sensitivity and experienced touch to each session and our clients benefit from the individualized care that we offer. We know that massage is a valuable addition to any health care regime and can have long term positive results.

We have worked with people of all ages in a variety of health conditions. There are those that just need to relax, destress, nurture and reconnect with themselves and benefit from the soothing effect of Swedish massage techniques.

Athletes who are training or recovering from injury receive specific massage work focused on their needs.

People who are recovering from accidents, or healing from serious health challenges and painful conditions benefit from reduced stress and positive touch. We see people with repetitive stress injuries from work who experience more ease and comfort after their sessions.

We welcome you to our practice, and whatever your massage needs are we look forward to working with you to achieve a more vibrant, pain free and greater state of health.